Picking a law firm

The first key decision you have is to pick a law firm for the formation of the company. My recommendations for picking a law firm.

And lastly, the key to understanding how referrals work in the investor community is that many different service providers (e.g. law firm, accounting firms, entrepreneur friendly banks, etc) make introductions that carry much more weight than going directly to the investor.

External Links

For an interview between Guy Kawasaki and a respected Silicon Valley law firm, click here .  As Guy mentions in this post , not using a law firm "in the know" can cost you later on.  As further confirmation check out point #2 on this post from Guy.

Here’s a great example from Brad Feld’s blog regarding a referral from Adam Smith at Square 1 Bank.

Selecting the entity (LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp)

Many tax implications for arise from startups. Review this article for tax implications of LLCs, S-Corps, and C-Corps. The importance of the startup’s name .

External Links

Brad Feld has some great posts on this topic, starting with the entity structure for an early stage company .  The next post by Brad looks at the differences between LLCs and S-Corps .  The third relates to the how Delaware enters into the conversation.  And the last is an update on the conversions to Delaware corporations.