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Venture Debt

An important aspect of raising capital is venture debt.  It can greatly increase the runway of a startup, and typically costs less in the long term than giving up additional equity.  Ask the VC (one of my favorite collection of information sites), has a great post about venture debt in series A financings.  Here is another post on Ask the VC from Jason Mendelson.


From your potential employee’s point of view.

Great articles on entrepreneurship

Top 10 myths of entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki.

Running counter to chasing “serial entrepreneurs” by Guy Kawasaki. Fred Wilson supporting the love of serial entrepreneurs by VCs.

Quiz to determine your entrepreneurial skills.

Joel Spolsky on “Fixing Venture Capital” and Fred Wilson’s two posts (one, two) that act as a rebuttal. Be sure to follow Fred’s link in his second post to Tom Evslin’s two posts (one, two) with more great advice.

409A Stock Option Pricing

409A is bit of a mystery, but given the importance in startups using stock options, it needs to be covered.  Brad Feld has two good startup posts (one, two), and here’s a link to a dedicated site for 409A.