Moved our focus to

Posted on 21. Feb, 2013 by in Site Specific

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed we don’t update with new posts. We’ve moved our focus to a more ubiquitous web-site,, that hosts our new educational content, videos, and products. Please head over and check it out.

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The importance of grants and applying for them

Posted on 24. Aug, 2011 by in Pre Venture Capital

Today is NC IDEA and IDEA Fund Partners appreciation day, as determined by those that have received grants and funding from them. First off, the initial value of the NC IDEA grant program is the application. I’ve heard complaints about the application’s restriction on number of characters. Having reviewed the applications myself a few years [...]

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LinkedIn Group – Best Practices for Startups Raising Capital

Posted on 10. Aug, 2011 by in Site Specific

In an effort to help entrepreneurs find answers to the difficult questions when raising capital we’ve started a LinkedIn group. This group consists of entrepreneurs, vetted services providers, and investors. Join here.

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Our very own shortened URL,

Posted on 06. Jun, 2011 by in Site Specific

I know a few have wondered about new content for the site. I can assure you that we’re actively working on some new content. In the mean time, check out our new shortened URL, We’ll be using this more going forward. Thanks to @ericboggs for making the process easy with @argylesocial. – Jeff

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VCIC Training video

Posted on 01. Mar, 2010 by in VCIC

Watching the YouTube playlist If the playlist is shown at the bottom of the YouTube screen, just hit the red bottom-left icon. There are 5 videos comprising the training (YouTube limits the duration of the videos). In total, there is just more than 30 minutes of videos as part of the VCIC training. In addition, [...]

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New web-site design/layout

Posted on 01. Mar, 2010 by in Site Specific

Hi everyone We’ve updated our web-site! We are going to start updating with new content now, and take advantage of this new layout focused on more graphical ways of navigating the content.  To this end, we have our economic levers highlighted on the main page.  Please check it out and give comments.

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Shark Tank – extreme negotiation

Posted on 23. Oct, 2009 by in VCIC

Pitching Element Bars, with entrepreneur Jonathan Millers, is one of the best negotiations I’ve seen on either Shark Tank or Dragons’ Den. Watch, enjoy, learn. After it was taken down on YouTube, I hunted down the Hulu “ok” version. Here it is LINK

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Liquidation preference in Dragons’ Den negotiation

Posted on 22. Oct, 2009 by in VCIC

Two shows I watch every week are Dragons’ Den (BBC) and Shark Tank (ABC).  After watching a recent episode of Dragons’ Den, I was surprised by James Caan offering a liquidation preference as part of his offer using participating preferred stock. Typically in either show the negotiations are only focused on valuation with common stock. [...]

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Summer 2009 Internships

Posted on 31. May, 2009 by in Term Sheets, Inc. provides a web-based application for entrepreneurs and investors to model investments into startups.  On we have free educational material with interactive examples for the “levers of valuation” powered by our modeling software.  Our full modeling software is currently in an invite-only beta and will be demonstrated to those interested in working with [...]

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(Updated) Example Term Sheets and Term Sheet Generator

Posted on 28. Apr, 2009 by in Examples

In November last year, I posted about a few great examples of term sheets and related equity financing documents.  Since then a few things have happened warranting a new post to summarize everything. First, there’s the Class F stock documents created by Wilson Sonsini and hosted on TheFunded Founder Institute.  This is by far the [...]

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