The importance of a startup’s name

Posted on 30. Sep, 2008 by in Formation

In February 2008 I started acquiring domain names based around the idea of this web-site. Although some were not “sexy”, most were at least tolerable. Originally, was to be the domain for this web-site. Luckily I learned about backordering domains, which is how I came upon in April 2008.
In May 2008 I decided to use the domain name as the company name, leading to, Inc. The ability to get a reasonably easy to remember dot com name was crucial. Fred Wilson has a great post about dot com names. I couldn’t agree more, especially having worked for a company where the domain name and company name were a bit confusing.
Guy Kawasaki also has a good post about the “Name Game”. I’m a big fan of easy to remember names. I’ve seen too many companies fail from the “Sound different” issue mentioned in Guy’s post., Inc. is simple and to the point for what I want this web-site to do. More importantly, I think the brand that can be built up on the company name will make it easier to launch additional sites in the future. More about that in a few months…

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